What is my IP address?

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Your IP address is:

Your port is:


An address ?

An IP stands for 'Internet Protocol', also known as the digital address. It is a recognition number attached to a device connected to the Internet. It is composed of four integers from 0 to 255 (xxx.xxx.xxx. xxx:XXXXX). Each connected device has its own IP address that allows to identify them. When the connection of several devices is from a router or other is called a local network.

A port ?

A port is a 16-bit (216) coded communication channel. There are a total of 65536 different existing ones. It is completed with the IP address, it is placed in front of (xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:XXXXX). It is used primarily to distinguish different subnet data sources.

Fixed or Dynamic IP ?

To find out if your IP is fixed or dynamic, please restart your box or wait 7 days and then return to this site. Fixed IP makes it easier to administer a network, and is used primarily in servers and network equipment.

In which case can I use my IP ?

We can use this IP in some cases such as video games, remote connection, geolocation, to remain anonymous, IP phone etc ...